Real ???? Quotes (Keep It Real) - Real Talk Quotes
Real ???? Quotes (Keep It Real) – Real Talk Quotes

You’ll find the real ???? quotes that will make you appreciate what you have but also motivate you to achieve what you’ve set out for while keeping your feet (and head) grounded.

Quotes That Make You Smile On A Bad Day
Quotes That Make You Smile On A Bad Day

So, you had a bad day? Well, it’s not your first or your last one for sure. I’ve found the perfect quotes to cheer you up and keep you going. So, open a bottle of wine, put your legs up an…

Quotes That Make You Think Twice
72 Quotes That Make You Think Twice

My favorite quotes are the ones that make me stop and think twice about what I just read about.

Quotes That Describe 2020
Quotes That Describe 2020 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

How best to describe 2020? It is the year of the pandemic, the year of face masks, hand sanitizers, but also the year of self-discovery.

Latin vs Greek
Latin vs Greek (Which One Should You Learn)

Because I can’t decide instead for you, I’ll give you my top reasons why you should learn each of the languages so you can decide for yourself.

Badass Quotes About Life
Badass Quotes About Life

There’s not a person out there that wouldn’t like to be a bit more badass if given the chance. Here you will find the most badass quotes about life I could find.

long term personal goals
Strive For More With Long-Term Personal Goals

Are you looking to do more with your life? Setting long-term personal goals is a pretty good way of doing that. Here are some examples of long-term personal goals I find to be the most important and m…

38 Glowing I Love My Life Quotes
38 Glowing I Love My Life Quotes

Below you will find the quotes about loving the life that I found the most intriguing. There are quotes from Albert Einstein, Douglas Adams, Marcel Proust to Taylor Swift and Naomi Campbell.

Have You Heard These Deadly Krav Maga Quotes

Kick-ass Krav Maga quotes for all the hard-working people out there that are giving their blood, sweat and tears in the class and in real life situations.

badass skills to learn
11 Badass Skills That Will Amaze Everyone And Drop Jaws

I went ahead and researched some badass skills that should help you engage people, make a lasting first impression or keep the conversation going. Introverts (like me) should benefit greatly from lear…

college quotes
College Quotes – Dark And Funny But True

College years are arguably the best years of life for most of the people and these college quotes reflect that. Read the post and see exactly what I mean.

school quotes
School Quotes For Enthusiastic Teachers

We got the best school quotes you can find on the internet. Also inside, quotes on education, knowledge, learning and teachers.

101 Cute Short Quotes – Put A Smile Back On Your Face

Short and sweet is what you’re looking for. And I can’t blame you. Sometimes, only a few words can convey a message in a perfect way. These 101 cute and short quotes should do the trick.

life lessons quotes
57 Highly Effective Life Lessons Quotes To Soak In Before It’s Too Late

If you’ve been in this world long enough you know life is full of life lessons. You don’t need to tell me that. But you might be interested to read quotes from some of these big thinkers below about l…

excited quotes
57 Excited Quotes That Will Make You Upbeat Pronto

Feeling excited for some exciting quotes? In need of a little pickup? Read these handpicked quotes and tell me your favorite in the comments.

joyful quotes
66 Joyful Quotes For A Glorious Day

In today’s world, it can be hard to feel joyful at times. I hope these joyful quotes will bring you joy in times of great sadness but also in times of great happiness.

achieving goals quotes
33 Remarkable Achieving Goals Quotes To Seize Life By The Neck + Wallpapers

Are you ready to achieve great things? Get some inspiration from these fine quotes on reaching your goals from some of the biggest thinkers on the planet.

february quotes
Magical February And Love Quotes

February, the month of love and one too famous groundhog. It’s also the last month of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and everybody is looking forward to spring once again. Read our post to see…

madam cj walker quotes
Hard-Hitting Madam CJ Walker Quotes

Watching the new Netflix series inspired me to write this post with Madam C. J. Walker’s quotes. Going from a wash lady to a millionaire, she had to overcome plenty of obstacles

january quotes
January Quotes – Start The Year Right

Start the new year right with these warming January, winter and snow quotes. Find out why January is so special to a lot of people

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