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How to Actually Become Someone Who Thinks Outside the Box

How to Actually Become Someone Who Thinks Outside the Box

When you’re thinking outside the box, you’re doing something different and unusual. You’re using your imagination to solve problems in new and creative ways. 

And I think we can all agree that doing things the same old boring way is just, well, boring. 

And you know who’s really good at thinking outside the box? Creative people. They can imagine all sorts of cool ideas and solutions that others never even think about. These ideas might seem weird at first, but they can turn out to be really amazing!

Becoming someone who thinks outside the box means learning new skills and doing certain things differently. So, let me show you some simple steps you can follow to get there.

1) Engage in brainstorming sessions regularly

Brainstorming is super important because it helps us come up with all sorts of cool ideas and solutions to problems. Plus, the more we do it, the better we get at thinking in creative ways!

One thing that’s also very important is not to judge ourselves or others. That means no calling your or someone else’s ideas silly. You should create a space where all ideas are welcome. 

Don’t worry about trying out new or unusual ideas – that’s the whole point! Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, brainstorming is great. 

You can brainstorm ideas for a new product campaign, ways to improve your health and fitness, or even ideas for a vacation or trip with friends. 

Oh, and don’t forget to write down all your ideas so you can come back to them later. 

2) Explore new locations and meet people from different backgrounds

Trying out new stuff that’s different from what you usually do can be really eye-opening! In this way, you’re more likely to stumble upon new cool ideas and ways to solve problems and be more creative. 

Traveling to places you’ve never been before is another awesome way to open up your mind. Whether it’s checking out a new city, chilling in nature, or tasting different foods, traveling helps you see the world in a whole new light. 

And when you’re in a foreign country, you’ll see people doing things in unique ways, and you’ll probably get inspired by fresh ideas you’ve never thought of before.

Chatting with folks from all walks of life is incredible and eye-opening, too! Whether you’re at a meet-up, a community event, or just hanging out online, talking to people with different backgrounds and experiences can give you a whole new perspective. 

For instance, my friend recently joined a photography club, and she met all sorts of interesting people who shared cool tricks and ideas about taking pictures that she knew nothing about. 

She told me it was like opening the door to a whole world of creativity and thinking outside the box for her!

3) Practice creativity exercises 

Honestly, this one takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it. Just set a timer for a few minutes and write down whatever pops into your head. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. It’s best to let your thoughts find their way. This exercise absolutely helps to unlock your creativity.

When I feel stuck, I find it helpful to write about my thoughts, feelings, or random words that come to mind. You’d be surprised by the ideas that can emerge!

And if you’re more of a visual learner, try using images, drawings, or diagrams to explore ideas. Not everyone expresses themselves through words, and that’s okay.

A visual approach can bring you many new, fresh ideas and insights that you might not uncover if you prefer traditional brainstorming with words. 

My partner thrives with visual learning methods. While I was content with text-based study materials during our student days, he found them dull. 

Instead, he found joy in creating diagrams, mind maps, and flashcards. And you know what? It worked wonders for him, which is fantastic!

4) Embrace failure as a learning opportunity

Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes. I know it’s easier said than done, but you really can’t get new knowledge without making mistakes and learning from them. 

The best way is to change how you actually see failure. Instead of feeling down about errors, think of them as normal parts of learning. 

See that as the way to your goals. If you mess up on a project, don’t worry! You can learn from what went wrong and do better next time.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works. If one idea doesn’t go as planned, it’s okay! You can always try something different. Take some time to think about what you could do better next time. 

This way, you usually find out there’s a different way you could approach a problem, and that’s new and valuable knowledge.

5) Believe in your abilities and trust your instincts

Always try to stay positive and believe in yourself. Sometimes, the biggest enemy is you, yourself. 

Feeling down and letting blues take over your life is no way to go. Keep your head up and stay positive even when it feels impossible sometimes. With the right attitude, you can turn your troubles into opportunities for success.

Whether you’re trying a new hobby, learning a new language, or even facing a challenging decision at work, trusting your instincts could lead you to make a bold decision. And this decision will probably benefit you and those around you.

You have to believe in yourself and trust your instincts. They’re there for a reason. You should listen to your inner voice guiding you along the way.


Remember when we didn’t stare at our phones to find a way to the museum or a cool new restaurant? Instead, we just walked around, explored on our own, and discovered new places every day. 

Thinking outside the box is like being an adventurer in the land of ideas, where there’s no limit to what you can find. You just have to be open to it. 

By using these tips every day, you can get better at thinking in creative ways and finding new solutions to problems. It’s kind of like exploring a new city during your vacation.