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About Me

Setting up goals and actually fulfilling them shouldn’t be hard.

You’re ready to transform your life and you’re finally willing to do whatever it takes. You probably set many goals in your lifetime and some of them were achieved but the most important ones are still waiting.

There’s so much information out there. You either listen to the wrong people or you get overwhelmed.

Before you know it, years have passed and you’re still spinning your wheels.

Change is around the corner. Don’t lose your faith in numero uno. No, not God – it’s yourself who you need to believe in. You first have to help yourself to help others.

My blog will show you:

Adrian Volenik

I am obsessed with setting goals for myself and writing about the process. I even get to achieve some of them and thanks to the 80/20 rule, you can achieve your goals as well. Spend the time on the 10 or 20% of top goals and the rest will follow. I love listening to podcasts, spending time with my family and reading a good book besides my two cats.

I have a bachelor’s degree in public administration since 2006. I live in Dublin Portimão with my wonderful wife and son.

My wife and I enjoying some pints of Guinness with my parents