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Remote CoWorker Review 2023 (Worth It?)

Remote CoWorker Review

Being a small business owner or a freelancer isn’t easy. You have to fill in many shoes, most of them new to you if you’ve only started. 

However, as we progress and start scaling our side hustle or business, we, the owners, are often the bottlenecks. I speak here from my own experience. If I had streamlined and scaled my website portfolio earlier, I would have seen more success much sooner. 

The cost of not hiring assistants earlier was very meaningful. It cost me my health, the business wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and my finances weren’t the best, even though I was the only employee.

The thing is, I had so many ideas but not enough time to implement them due to all the grunt work I was doing 90% of the time.

I should have been doing the $1,000/h tasks and not the $9.99/h ones. A business owner or even a freelancer should be thinking about the big picture and doing the big-picture tasks and leave the gruntwork to others. 

That’s where virtual assistants come in, and especially one company I have used extensively, Remote CoWorker. Here’s the review, including pricing and how it works.  

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About Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker is a well-known company in this industry that was founded in 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida. It also has offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, and San Fernando Philippines.  

They employ hundreds of people fluent in English that do virtual assistance, tech support, data entry, and customer service to help improve businesses, big and small.

The founders saw a gap in the market that wasn’t filled with VAs that were good enough for what modern businesses need.  

The company’s goal was to leverage its team, which had roots in the Philippines, to connect businesses, mostly in the West, with knowledgable Filipino VAs. 

Remote CoWorker Services

Virtual Assistants 

Virtual assistants are lifesavers. We’re all buried under piles of emails, invoices, expenses, budgets, marketing campaigns, social media, customer support, technical support, etc. It’s a neverending list of tasks that are looming over us.

Stressing about all of this can literally kill you or at least shorten your lifespan. A VA can take these, more or less, menial and routine tasks and free up your time while you grow your business and enjoy its fruits. 

No more late nights or weekends while your family and your social life suffer. Real holidays, without being glued to the phone or laptop, are back in the picture as well. 

I particularly hate doing social media and customer support. Once I trained a couple of VAs, I never looked back. I now spend 20 minutes each week checking if the customers are still happy as they were when I was dealing with them. 


Bookkeeping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it has to be done. Remote CoWorker offers CPAs that are undergoing professional CPA training programs to provide the best service. 

They will crunch the numbers for you and keep you and your business organized. All you have to do is make an appointment with a specialist at Remote CoWork that will match you with the perfect CPA. 

Once you’ve met your account manager, you’ll interview proposed bookkeepers and start the onboarding process. The manager and the bookkeeper will start working for you. 

Real Estate 

Real estate looks so glamorous on TV, however, few understand how much work is done behind the scenes. 

Creating and updating listings, answering endless phone calls and emails, managing rentals… All the while, you have to arrange viewings and sell or rent out properties.

Remote CoWorker has virtual assistants that are experienced and trained in specialized real estate-related activities and offer more than what any temp agency can offer, and for less money. 

Don’t be stuck in the office doing menial tasks. You do the selling while your VA will deal with calls, appointment setting, cold calling, or whatever task you throw at them.  


Business process outsourcing lets you scale your business without bearing the full costs of employees. Hiring a team of people can be pricey, let alone interviewing dozens of people to find the best ones. 

Remote CoWorker BPO eliminates taxes, office space, equipment, and most of the wages. You could save up to 70% on overhead. 

How It Works

The process of acquiring a VA or a team of people starts with you choosing a plan (more on that below). 

Once you get connected to a manager, you can interview as many VAs as you want. After you find the right person(s), you schedule a kick-off conference call to discuss all the details.

After that, there’s a training period, and you and your VAs are good to go.   

Remote CoWorker Pricing

There are three different price plans, and they all include a dedicated VA, background check, onboarding support, weekly progress reports, and an account manager. 

The difference is that the Part Time Starter plan is $1 more expensive per hour than Full Time Starter. Nevertheless, the full-time plan also includes 24/7 access to the account manager. 

The Full Time Bilingual plan is a bit more expensive ($9.99/h) but offers bilingual (English and Spanish) VAs. 

Virtual Assistant Advantages

Having a virtual assistant has many advantages, not only over not having an assistant at all but also over having a “real” assistant.

Let’s you focus on bigger things 

Ever since I read Perry Marshall’s book 80/20 Sales and Marketing, one chapter, in particular, struck a chord. It’s called Do You Wanna Make $10 Per Hour? Or $100, $1,000, or $10,000?

The point he so expertly made was that you should not be doing menial $10/h tasks but strive to do the $1,000 or even $10,000 per hour jobs. These exclude doing social media, managing ad campaigns, customer support, or even talking to qualified prospects. 

Instead, you should be building your sales funnel, creating ad campaigns, delegating complex tasks, executing your brilliant ideas, creating new and better offers, selecting team members, public speaking, etc. 

You know, the jobs that don’t pay off until you put the $10 and $100 infrastructure in place. It’s also about getting your life back.

24/7 availability 

The modern world never sleeps, and neither does business. As the saying goes, you snooze, you lose. Having a team available around the clock could launch your business past your competitors at a fraction of the cost. 

Labor cost

It’s all about the money you spend as an aspiring business. The less overhead and labor cost you have, the more money you have to spend on other important things having to do with product quality, customer journey, advertising, etc.


Remote CoWorker allows you to delegate tasks to virtual assistants at a reasonable price, typically two to four times less than what you’d pay an employee in the United States, the UK, or the EU. 

With dedicated account managers and skilled VAs, Remote CoWorkers stands out from the rest of the pack that merely offer a jobs marketplace.  

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