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11 Badass Skills That Will Amaze Everyone And Drop Jaws

badass skills to learn

Do you have what it takes to be the life of the party? What do people think when they see you – oh, here comes that bore or do they go out of their way to meet, see and talk to you?

I went ahead and researched some badass skills that should help you engage people, make a lasting first impression or keep the conversation going. Introverts (like me) should benefit greatly from learning or even mastering some of these skills.

The skills below won’t land you a job but they will impress friends and strangers alike and some of them might even save your life!

Check them out below and tell me in the comments which one of these badass skills you already know how to do and which ones you’d like to master?

1. Master The Chair Handstand

How to do chair handstand
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I’ll never forget the first time I saw my dad, who was in his late 40s at the time, making a handstand at the swimming pool jumping platform and diving into the water. It was a sight to behold especially coming from a man you wouldn’t expect could do that.

To do this skill you’ll have to master the normal handstand first. Once you master the normal handstand, you can move into more extreme variations. One of them is chair handstand.

This might seem easy to do but is not. The payoff is pretty good actually once you manage to pull it off consistently. Once you get into the zone, you’ll want to show it off to everyone. One day, just like me, maybe your child’s most fond memory of you will be you making a daring handstand.

Head over to for an extended tutorial on how to accomplish this skill or unlock your spine, joints & muscles with these 8-minute routines.

Badass Skills To Learn

2. Learn To Do The Flag

how to do the flag
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Another skill that only fit and mentally strong people can accomplish.

You don’t even need furniture for this one. You’ll need a sturdy pole or as you can see in the photo above, a staircase.

Trust me, you’ll get addicted to trying this one out. Every time you’ll see a gate you can grab on, or a traffic post will be a flag practice.

There’s something about this skill that makes it compelling to show off to people. If you don’t look muscular, no one will believe you can do it.

Once again, head over to Beast Skills for an expanded tutorial.

Badass Skills To Learn

3. Learn To Juggle

You think this skill is for clowns only or for street performers? Think again.

This skill is easy to learn but hard to master but in a few weeks, you’ll be able to juggle like a pro.

Follow the tutorial and keep adding more balls or even something more interesting like various fruits and vegetables and when it’s go time at a party or get-together, all eyes will be on you.

There’s a good reason why this evergreen skill is still around. People just love to see someone doing this kind of thing. And why wouldn’t that someone be you?

Badass Skills To Learn

4. Learn How To Greet People In 50 Languages

This is a major icebreaker when you meet someone new. If you’re living in a bustling city with diverse inhabitants, you can’t go wrong with this “skill” as you’ll be meeting people from different countries on a daily basis probably.

You should start off with 10-20 “major” languages and then move on to the rest. In no time you’ll know all of them and this will surely impress anyone you meet. There’s a great chance you know at least 10 of these greetings already. Heck, it might even entice you to learn a completely new language once you get a taste of how easy it is to learn a word or two.

Badass Skills To Learn

5. Learn A New Language

Continuing with learning languages, why not learn a completely new language? It’s an evergreen skill that you should have already. If you already speak a language different than your mother tongue, move on to the next one or perfect the one you know.

It was also scientifically proven that learning a new language at any age will help boost your brain. That’s right, that learning languages is so demanding on your brain that will have to adapt and improve.

Badass Skills To Learn

Top 10 most useful languages to learn:

  • 10. Portuguese
  • 9. Russian
  • 8. Japanese
  • 7. Hindi
  • 6. Arabic
  • 5. German
  • 4. French
  • 3. Spanish
  • 2. Mandarin Chinese
  • 1. English
Badass Skills To Learn

6. Learn To Perform At Least One Song On A Piano

Wouldn’t it be cool to be this guy?

Badass Skills To Learn

Unsuspecting looking fella or a girl playing an awesome song on a piano or a keyboard.

All you need to do is learn one song and learn it good – master it.

Do not move on to learning other songs or even learning notes till you master one kickass song. You can play it cool or you can make a show out of it.

Once you dedicate yourself to it, you won’t believe how many public pianos there are. Airports, shopping malls and even subways have them these days. You can really make someone’s day by simply playing a song. They might even start filming you.

You want to feel like a celebrity? Sit down at a random piano and start playing.

7. Tear A Phonebook In Half

Badass Skills To Learn

Another skill on the list that is a sleeper skill. No one will believe that you can pull this off.

Everyone knows that phone books are super thick and have loads of pages. They are also really heavy and whoever had one in their hands remembers them as super tough. So imagine someone’s surprise when you tell them you can tear that thing in half!

You don’t need to be strong perse for this skill. It is basically learning a technique.

Here are the steps you need to do to pull-off this feat (taken from

  1. Grab Phone Book With Both Hands
  2. Make “V” With Phone Book
  3. Begin Tearing Phone Book
  4. Pull Halves Apart
  5. Bask in the Fruits of Your Virile Feat of Strength.

The only problem know is finding a phone book!

8. How To Make A Face Mask

I’m writing this post while everyone is still in the COVID-19 quarantine and this skill is actually the most valuable one at the moment, and probably in the future, if the same or similar virus makes a comeback.

As there is still a severe shortage of face masks on the market, why not learn o make your own masks.

Badass Skills To Learn
Badass Skills To Learn

I’ve added this valuable skill to the list because face masks are vital in stopping or slowing down the pandemic, even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) came out at the beginning of the pandemic stating that they are not needed. That was bull-crap and I fell for it as well, but luckily I have a smart wife that saw through their fact or should I say act.

In the coming weeks, it was obvious that the societies with a strong culture of wearing face masks had much bigger success in fighting the deadly disease. Not only do face masks protect yourself but they protect the people around you as well and they help to control the subconscious face touching we are all prone to.

9. Learn Krav Maga

According to Wikipedia, Krav Maga is a military self-defense and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security forces derived from a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, and karate along with realistic fight training. See the video below how it can be beneficial in your daily life:

Badass Skills To Learn

Pretty cool, right? I would particularly recommend this awesome skill to everyone living in a big city and tends to walk alone a lot.

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“Embraced by the FBI and SWAT teams alike, Krav Maga is also a staple of high-end gyms across the globe, where a faster-paced and less-combative version provides a workout that could literally save your life.”

TIME Magazine

10. Learn To Tell Engaging Stories

Everyone loves a great story. I mean, storytelling is around from the dawn of time, ever since early humans developed language and gathered around fire.

Nothing has changed really. We still gather every evening to hear a good story. The only difference is that the stories these days are coming out of a flat screen TV or a mobile phone.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of opportunities where you can shine in a social setting.

Badass Skills To Learn

11. Pull your scarf through your neck

This one is more of a magic trick or a prank then a skill. You can do this on you or on someone else like a friend or a family member.

Badass Skills To Learn

You can literally learn this one in less than five minutes and you could learn it before you try other skills on the list to boost your confidence.

Do you already know how to do any of these badass skills? Which one would you like to learn? Tell me in the comments.

Which of these skills do you find the most interesting?