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Good Life Is A Goal – Use This Secret To Own It

life is a goal

I see that a lot of people are searching for this expression – life is a goal and it got me thinking what was its meaning.

What does “life is a goal” mean?

Does it simply mean life goals or is it something else? Is life the ultimate goal?

Let’s expand on that a bit. Modern Darwinism tells us that the primary goal of life is genetic survival. Meaning that the goal of life is – life.

That’s right. Our main goal on this amazing planet is to pass on our legacy in the form of our offspring. Our kids.

But obviously not everyone wants or has kids. What is their life goal?

On average, Americans rated their life satisfaction at a 6.7 on a zero-to-10 scale with a majority choosing a value between five and eight according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of responses from 4,492 adults surveyed in September 2017.

There are four areas where people with higher life ratings said they found a sense of meaning:


“Our best friends live right across the street and we see them often, our kids get along like siblings and spend almost every free minute with each other”


“I work in healthcare and when I can make a positive difference in the life of a patient I find that rewarding”

Romantic partner or spouse

“Being with my girlfriend is something I find very satisfying. We have a lot in common, and I never thought I’d find someone as special as her”

Good health

“I am strong and fit, and while I am facing the physical changes that you face as you age, I am doing what can be done to defer them”

These are some of the quotes from respondents in the research.

Good Life Is A Goal

Our meaning of life isn’t the continuation of the species anymore. Most people don’t care about that. In fact, there are plenty of people in the upper echelon that would like to drastically reduce the population.

For most of the people, a good, solid and happy life is a goal indeed.

Our friends, family, career and good health are what we want the most. At least according to the research – that is what makes the happy people among us, well, happy.

The Ultimate Life Goal

Find What You Love Doing

This is the mother of all life goals and should be on top of everyone’s list. Unfortunately, most of us are doing jobs that we dislike or outright hate. We have tedious and boring jobs or they’re stressful and physically demanding and everything in between.

If you yourself aren’t in this situation (good for you!) but I’m sure you know more than one person who is.

Why aren’t more people doing something about it? Are we so complacent, stuck in a rut or outright lazy to change our position in life?

Maybe it’s a case of “the known devil is better than unknown angel”. We’d better be stuck where we are now because we are afraid of what might be, even if it could be better.

Your Job/Career Doesn’t Have To Define You

Even if you don’t like your day job, you can and should find your life goal and purpose outside of it.

You can dwell and indeed, thrive within your friends, family and community. And that’s the key – helping others. Find something you care about – disadvantaged kids, animals, communities, art. Find an organization or individuals who share the same feelings as you do and join them.

It doesn’t have to be something big. You can simply focus on an individual that could use your help in the form of a mentor, a bigger brother.

It is literally as easy as it gets!

By focusing on others, you will expand your mind that was focused on itself. There’s ALWAYS someone that is worse off than you.

There is no doubt that you have to take care of yourself in the process as well. In fact, here’s a list of easy and realistic starting goals for your personal development.

The point is that we are so focused on ourselves that it’s eating us from inside. Social media with its false reality is certainly not helping. Everyone shows an engineered picture of themselves without the look behind the scenes.

Importance Of Reframing Your Mindset

If your life feels without purpose then it’s more important to reframe your mindset. You might not think so but your work might be meaningful to others.

Let’s look at a few examples.

Construction work is a very physically demanding job and unfortunately, construction workers are often viewed as simple people. But what they are doing is of significant social value. They are providing houses and offices that give great value to other people. It is, in fact, a very meaningful existence.

Waiting tables is also often perceived as a meaningless job. But have you ever encountered a grumpy and uninterested waiter? Sure you did, we all have. Sometimes it’s so bad it can ruin your evening.

But in contrast, when you encounter a person that is knowledgeable, that can help you choose your food and wine, that is outgoing, it can really enhance your evening and your whole demeanor can change from bad to positive in a matter of minutes.

What I wanted to show you is that every job has a “secret” meaning behind it, you just have to find it.

Does Your Life Have To Be Unique?

Does your life have to be unique to be valuable or meaningful? Certainly not. It is so difficult to be unique or “special” and it doesn’t bring you any closer to fulfillment.

This is a mistake that so many people make. It makes them feel and lead insufficient lives because they don’t think they’re special.

Don’t fall for that trap. “Famous” people on Instagram are no more special than you or I and are even more-so battling with their inner demons and insecurities.


At whatever point in your life you are right now, don’t forget that things change all the time. What we find extremely meaningful and important right now, we might find laughable in as little as a few months!

Our perspective and our life goals keep changing. We grow up, move, maybe marry or divorce, have kids, etc. and our sense of purpose and values transform.

Get out of your head and set life goals that make you step up but also focus on others. Transform your mind and try to see your life from a third-person view.

Help others and you will help yourself.

Good Life Is A Goal
Good Life Is A Goal