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Dreamy September Quotes To Revel In

september quotes

September is a different beast depending on which Hemisphere you’re on. It’s the end of summer in the north and end of winter in the south. You can see why some people are cheering while others feel somber.

September is also the Self Improvement Month in the U.S. It reminds us to keep working on ourselves and never to be content on our journey.

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While you’re listening to this Earth, Wind & Fire September song on a loop, read about the holidays we have in September and also where it got its name. Plus there are also beautiful September quotes and a list of notable people born in September.

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Holidays In September

There are some interesting holidays in September:

  • September 1 – American Chess Day
  • September 2 – World Coconut Day
  • September 5 – International Day of Charity
  • September 5 – National Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 5 – National Read a Book Day
  • September 7 – Brazil Independence Day
  • September 7 – Labor Day
  • September 8 – Grandparents Day
  • September 8 – International Literacy Day
  • September 9 – International Sudoku Day
  • September 10 – World Suicide Prevention Day
  • September 11 – National Make Your Bed Day
  • September 13 – National Celiac Disease Awareness Day
  • September 15 – International Day of Democracy
  • September 17 – International Patient Safety Day
  • September 18 – National Cheeseburger Day
  • September 18 – National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
  • September 20 – Wife Appreciation Day
  • September 21 – Batman Day
  • September 21 – International Day of Peace
  • September 22 – Fall Equinox
  • September 22 – Hobbit Day
  • September 25 – National Daughters Day
  • September 26 – National Family Day
  • September 27 – National No Excuses Day
  • September 27 – Yom Kippur
  • September 29 – World Heart Day
  • See the whole list here

Facts About The Month Of September

What Is So Special About The Month Of September

  • September is the ninth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars
  • September (from Latin septem, “seven”) was originally the seventh of ten months in the oldest known Roman calendar
  • After the calendar reform that added January and February to the beginning of the year, September became the ninth month, but retained its name
  • It had 29 days until the Julian reform, which added a day
  • It’s also the third of four months to have a length of 30 days, and the fourth of five months to have a length of less than 31 days
  • In the Northern Hemisphere September is the seasonal equivalent of March in the Southern Hemisphere
  • In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological autumn is on 1 September
  • In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological spring is on 1 September
  • It is the start of the academic year in many countries of the northern hemisphere, in which children go back to school after the summer break, sometimes on the first day of the month
  • September begins on the same day of the week as December every year
  • September’s birthstone is the sapphire
  • The birth flowers for September are the forget-me-not, morning glory and aster
  • The zodiac signs for the month of September are Virgo (until September 22) and Libra (September 23 onwards)

September Quotes

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.”
― Henry Rollins

“For all I can really do is
stand here
in September’s rain
soaking it all in
and simply
holding on to poetry
for dear life.”
― Sanober Khan

“Outside the leaves on the trees constricted slightly; they were the deep done green of the beginning of autumn. It was a Sunday in September. There would only be four. The clouds were high and the swallows would be here for another month or so before they left for the south before they returned again next summer.”
― Ali Smith

“Tonight I miss you like the sky misses his moon; a delicate epiphany growing on grass. I serenade the breeze into dancing a cha cha cha; the mountains echo in the background. September sky never looked more charming; or the sublime petals of the rose looked so graceful.”
― Avijeet Das

“I used to love September, but now it just rhymes with remember.”

― Dominic Riccitello

September Quotes

“But when fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.”
― Stephen King

“Let’s strive to be better in September!”
― Charmaine J. Forde

“September was a thirty-days long goodbye to summer, to the season that left everybody both happy and weary of the warm, humid weather and the exhausting but thrilling adventures. It didn’t feel like fresh air either, it made me suffocate. It was like the days would be dragging some kind of sickness, one that we knew wouldn’t last, but made us uncomfortable anyway. The atmosphere felt dusty and stifling.”
― Lea Malot

“Remember to be your brother’s keeper in September”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

September Quotes

“High up on Monte Salvatore the window of some shepherd’s hut opened a golden eye. The roses hung their heads and dreamed under the still September clouds, and the water plashed and murmured softly among the pebbles of the shore.”
― E.L. Voynich

“[T]hat old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air … Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.”
― Wallace Stegner

“it strikes me that the spirit of the Fourth, this year, was used up by September’s end and fell like an early leaf.”
― William H. Gass

“September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange-flowers, swallows, and regret.”
― Alexander Theroux

September Quotes

“When I flash back to the lovely days of September
Where I’ve kept some dreams and stories to remember
Something like old streets and avenues to wander
Something like my toys when I was younger
I have a fond belief that September will stay forever
There were many things in September, sweet and tender
Something like love, something like adventure
Something like childhood, something like the rain, like the water”
― Hayet Ben Bada

“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul… but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.”
― Peggy Toney Horton

“In his or her own way, everyone I saw before me looked happy. Whether they were really happy or just looked it, I couldn’t tell. But they did look happy on this pleasant early afternoon in late September, and because of that I felt a kind of loneliness new to me, as if I were the only one here who was not truly part of the scene.”
― Haruki Murakami

“In short, a bad Sunday of September, in September of that traitor who let you go a big wave passed upon him, like a gunshot between the prickly pears.”
― Giovanni Verga

September Quotes

“No matter how many losing seasons you might have had in the past with your marriage, the good thing is that all teams get a fresh start once September begins”
― Shon Hyneman

“But now in September the garden has cooled, and with it my possessiveness. The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head … The harvest has dwindled, and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on.”
― Robert Finch

“In many ways, September feels like the busiest time of the year: The kids go back to school, work piles up after the summer’s dog days, and Thanksgiving is suddenly upon us.”
― Brene Brown

Famous People Born In September

Actors Born In September

  • Salma Hayek
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Michael Keaton
  • Rose McGowan
  • Idris Elba
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Martin Freeman
  • David Arquette
  • Adam Sandler
  • Goran Visnjic
  • Colin Firth
  • Jason Statham
  • Louis C.K.
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Tyler Perry
  • Sam Neill
  • Tom Hardy
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Amy Poehler
  • Mickey Rourke
  • Aisha Tyler
  • Adam West
  • Jeremy Irons
  • Sophia Loren
  • Bill Murray
  • Jason Sudeikis
  • Jason Alexander
  • Will Smith
  • Michael Douglas
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

Singers And Musicians Born In September

  • Beyoncé
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Macy Gray
  • Michael Buble
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Fiona Apple
  • Nick Jonas
  • Joan Jett
  • Nick Cave
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Meat Loaf
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Jerry Lee Lewis

Scientists, Artists & Other Notables Born In September

  • Guy Ritchie
  • Brian De Palma
  • Oliver Stone
  • David Copperfield
  • Neill Blomkamp
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • George R.R. Martin
  • Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Stephen King
  • Pedro Almodovar
  • Serena Williams
september quotes
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