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Couple Goals For Millennials

couple goals for millennials

Do We, Millennials Have Too Many Expectations?

It’s hard to write things down when one of my hands is occupied with avocado on toast and the other one is scrolling through my IG feed.

All joking aside, this is how older generations see us. Although I’m on the far, far end of the Millennial age spectrum, at 36 years old (gasp) I still do belong to the demographic.

As I’m surrounded by my two fat cats in a mediocre apartment with high rent while my pregnant wife is at work, our couple goals are far from being reached. Oh, and did I mention a roommate?

I’ve touched upon a few things that are plaguing our generation. Unaffordable housing, out of reach credit scores to buy a place of our own and cats.

Their sleepiness and laziness are contagious. No wonder I can’t get off the couch.

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Influence Of Social Media

Our envy of neighbors lawn and the big car in the driveway have moved online. Now the whole world is a neighborhood and the grass is so god damn green elsewhere. Even in Dubai. Especially in Dubai.

It’s hard not to set sky-high goals when you see beautiful people traveling the globe and driving in Lambos.

You can either set high goals or succumb to giving up and depression.

That factory job you heard from old Bruce Springsteen songs is no longer good enough. If you don’t at least have a fancy job title you can show off, you’re worthless and almost invisible.

The same goes for couple goals. Destination wedding is a must now (sorry grandma). If you even make it that far.

Dating apps, cheating apps, after-work happy hours make it harder than ever to even stay together.

There is a silver lining though.

Between 2008 and 2016, the divorce rate in America dropped by 18 percent.

That is, according to an analysis by Philip Cohen, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland.

We are getting married at an older age and people married at older ages are less likely to get divorced.

Staying in school longer and working long hours trying to establish careers have a huge impact on that for sure.

Your only life goals 25 years ago would be to get a job, marry and have kids.

Now, life offers so much more.

Couple Goals For Millennials
Couple Goals For Millennials

Why Is It Harder For Millennials To Achieve Their Couple Goals

Millennials come out of school with almost no useable real-world knowledge thanks to dated curriculums. That goes even more so with colleges but with an added bonus of a huge bowl and chain around your leg, college debt.

College debt isn’t unique to America, but in most other developed countries, admission to college is much less expensive or even free.

Because you’re starting from the basement you have to make up for lost time.

Couple that with low self-esteem we got from perfect social media images and profiles of “perfect” people and no wonder no one’s ever satisfied.

Most of the time you feel like you’re spinning the wheels. You’re not successful, but you’re not in the gutter as well.

And that makes you feel not good enough.

The media is saying buy, buy, buy! So you buy more and more useless and meaningless junk.

Couple Goals For Millennials

Then finally one day you meet someone. You guys are trying to settle down. Maybe establish some couple goals. That’s all fine but the underlying issues don’t just magically disappear.

There are still those long working hours, sky-high rent or mortgage (if you can get one).

Working on a relationship is hard. There’s no room for complacency. It’s easy to just give up and go with the flow.

Do Couple Goals Even Matter

To get ahead in life, you need guidance. A master plan of sorts.

And couple goals are just that – a plan for the future. They give you motivation and focus to do the things in life you guys want to accomplish.

If you have a clear and thought out plan, you will get to the finish line faster.

Couple Goals For Millennials

Isn’t that great?

On the other hand, how are you gonna take steps or even leaps ahead if you don’t have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve?

Which brings us to:

How To Set Millennial Couple Goals

This is actually the easy part. The hard part is figuring out what you want to accomplish as a couple. You need to find a consensus or agreement. The best way to do that is by simply talking it out and seeing where you stand now and where you want to be in a year, 5 years and 10+ years from now.

Break down the plan into smaller, actionable steps.

Make the beginning steps realistic and easy to accomplish to get a sense of achievement early on.

Is the whole plan sound and realistic or is it so outrageous that it might be impossible to fulfill? You shouldn’t have a fear of big plans. Just make sure it isn’t too much for you guys to handle.

Next, write that shit down. You’ll be tempted to give up too many times. Put it up somewhere visible to remind you of the bigger picture.

And that’s it. Just keep going and stick to it.